Ambassadors of culture of a Balkan vision with the most important representatives of the 7 Balkan States
– Fatos Querimi – Albania (klarino)
– Admir Skurtaj – Albania (accordion)
– Giorgy Kornazov – Bulgaria (trombone)
– Dragan Dautovski – Fyrom (gaida, kaval)
– Giotis Kiourtzoglou – Greece (bass)
– Vasila Kimov (tuba)
– Pandelis Stoikos – Greece (trumpet)
– Floros Floridis – Greece (saxophone, bass, klarino)
– Nicolas Simion – Romania (saxophone, taragot, floyera)
– Velko Nikolie – Serbia (percussion)
– Milos Petrovic – Serbia (piano, keyboards)
– Okay Temiz – Turkey (percussion)
– Nikos Valkanos (Coordination – Selection of musicians)The Inter-Balkan Orchestra was formed in the summer of 1995 to express the nucleus of the spirit of the «First Inter-Balkan Meeting» (organized by the OM center jointly with the Municipality of Kalamaria and the Organization of «Thessaloniki, Cultural Capital»), the festival that brought together about 250 Balkan musicians and 100 congress participants, leading to the inception of the Inter-Balkan Cultural Network.

As political ambassadors of this Inter-Balkan Network for cooperation and mutual understanding, each member of the orchestra proposed an open form composition and through joint processing they created an initial repertoire, a journey through the sounds of the Balkans in a euphoric climate of improvisations and dialogs.

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